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Watercolors, Art, Landscapes, Florals, Kamerath
I have been involved in various creative activities all my life. As a child, I made mud pies, paper dolls and filled as many color books as I could get.

As an adult. I tried every craft going around, made wreaths and floral arrangements. When my children were small, I did several oil paintings, but had to soon quit because of hepatitis. I tried doing watercolor, but was very disappointed. Various life challenges, followed and I was sure I'd never paint again. But fate stepped in. A friend took me on a two-week cruise, where watercolor painting classes were offered. I tried again, with much success. The art critic on board, wanted to buy one of my paintings "The Turtle".

I came back home with a new passion and goals. Took more classes and workshops, taught classes, entered shows. Have been accepted and won prizes in various shows and am continuing to do so. The cruise was 1993, and it has taken me on the most exciting journey of my life. ------ Pat

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"There is nothing truly more artistic than to love people " - Vincent vanGough